The city public transport allows you to reach all the surrounding areas and attractions.

Should you wish to reach Bracciano’s neighborhood by public transport, then you can avail of buses leaving from Via Pasqualetti or from Via Dante, both in city center.

Hereby Bracciano city center map. The red circles indicate the railway station and the above mentioned starting points where Cotral and Cilia public transport company leave:


Starting points Bracciano transport


In addition, hereby a list of the buses and their destinations.  By clicking on the letter you will find timetable and paths.

Destination: Lake, camping area, Museum of the Italian Airforce -> Line D

Destination: Railway Station -> Line G

Destination: Vigna di Valle -> Line C

Destination: Castel Giuliano -> Line B


Really hope this can be helpful for your travel organization! 🙂

Bracciano public transport














Bracciano city center is very small and easy to discover, as you can arrive to the principal attractions by a short and pleasant walk. However, many things are to be done to improve accessible tourism in this city.

AccessEmotion, a no profit organization founded by an inhabitant, is now treating this matter, and I am following his innovative project. More info on Accessible Bracciano page.

Odescalchi Castle and Sentinella Belvedere, are conveniently located few minutes walk from town hall square, piazza IV Novembre. La Sentinella boasts stunning lake view, surrounded by the Sabatine Hills.


In addition, Bracciano nearby attractions like Angulilara, Trevignano and Cerveteri also worth a visit.

They are reachable by buses managed by the above mentioned transportation company Cotral.

Unfortunately, the web site is in Italian only, but by filling the form (Partenza: from, Arrivo: to, data: day, ora: time) you will find the path you are looking for.



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