When I moved to Bracciano, apart from its marvelous castle and the ancient city center, what struck me the most was all the gorgeous nature surrounding it. The lake, the gentle hills, the woods…included in the Regional Natural Park of Bracciano and Martignano.

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Lake of Martignano














The regional natural park was established in 1999 and includes not only natural areas, but also cultural sites that extend in the area of ​​the Sabatini Mountains.

This district includes many municipalities located between the provinces of Rome and Viterbo: Anguillara Sabazia, Bassano Romano, Bracciano, Campagnano di Roma, Manziana, Monterosi, Oriolo Romano, Rome (XX Town Hall), Sutri and Trevignano Romano.

In addition to the lake of Bracciano, I recommend you also to visit the lake of Martignano reachable by mountain bike, through a pleasant hiking walk, or by car to a marked exchange parking. Being a protected area it is mandatory to leave the car. From the parking lot you can continue on foot.  A shuttle service that takes you directly to the lake is at disposal of families and people with reduced mobility.

The Caldara of Manziana is definitely another unique area to see. It is a swamp with sulfur waters, with activity of geysers, and therefore you do not be scared by the strong and persistent smell that characterizes it.


Natural Regional Park
Caldara of Manziana – Wikimedia.org


The park is therefore rich in natural environments so different from each other that they favored the presence of numerous animal species, including large mammals, such as wild boar, numerous forest birds and even birds of prey. Migratory fauna is the most conspicuous presence. In fact this area is considered one of the most important areas of the region for the bird migration.



There are many itineraries to range over on foot, by mountain bike and even on horseback.


The choice is up to you … have a nice day!


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