Restaurants, trattorie, pizzerie and bars…when visiting Bracciano you are offered many dining options. 

Then, your choice will depend on the menu you want to taste, and on the location you prefer to stay: facing the lake, in the city center, or close to the castle.

Most of the restaurants and trattorie serve local cuisine, typical of this area are pasta “alla carbonara” (with eggs and bacon) and “all’amatriciana” (with bacon and tomatoes sauce).

Among the cuisine offered you can also opt for good meat plates or gourmet fish dishes always accompanied by tasty Italian wines.

Many of them are located in the city center, while other are along the lake view.

Hereby a list where you will find a selection of  most popular, hope this can help you:

On the lake:

Lunch or dining wit lake view

At Osteria Cacio and Pepe, Marta and Valerio will welcome you in to their cozy trattoria facing the lake. You will taste roman cuisine featuring home-made pasta served with typical local souses like carbonara and amatriciana.

In addition, during spring and summer time you can avail of the outdoor tables, suitable for romantic aperitif and dinner, admiring marvelous sunsets.

Adress: Via Lungolago G. Argenti 35/37, 00062, Bracciano, Italia
Phone: +39 331 508 1892

Near the city center

Dining at Crazy Bull restaurantsWhile, if you want to taste Argentina meat, Tex Mex dishes, hamburgers and french fries, in an American style location, then Crazy Bull is the right pace for you.

Address: Piazza Don Cesolini, 4, 00062, Bracciano

Phone: +39 06 9980 2341



Dining options pizzeria and restaurants

At  ZeroZeroPizza,  you can choose your favorite one from a various types of pizza accompanied by a good beer in a cheerful ambiance.

Address: Piazza Marinai D’Italia 3 | Bracciano
Phone: +39 06 9981 5203





City center

At Pane e Olio

dining at Pane e Olio restaurants

Another fine restaurant, located in the city center, right below the Castello Odescalchi is Pane e Olio.  You will find gourmet local dishes such as meat, pasta, and fish.

Address: Piazza Giuseppe Mazzini 11, 00062, Bracciano
Phone: +39 06 9980 3433






At Donegan’s

DIning at Irish pub among the restaurants

Furthermore, for those looking for young ambiance, like an Irish pub, then Donegan’s restaurant and pub is a good choice.

Cozy location, welcoming staff offering fine meat plates, sandwiches and wine tasting.

Address: Via Claudia 2A, Bracciano 
Phone: +39 06 9980 2208

Bracciano surrounding – Canale Monterano

La Riserva 

Dining at La Riserva, one of the restaurants

Whether, if you like staying immersed in an unspoiled natural environment, I will recommend this option.

Facing the natural park, la Riserva di Monterano, this is a very friendly restaurant and pizzeria with very welcome staff.

Annalisa and her sisters will pleasure you with typical good local cuisine, pasta, meal and delicious home made desserts.

Address: Via della Solfatara, Canale Monterano, 

Phone: +39 06 996 4473

In conclusion, I have tried to suggest  good restaurants, however, you can choose your favorite one on

How to reach Bracciano clik here.

Enjoy! 🙂