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Rome, June nearby event: Corpus Domini Infiorata in Bracciano city center

If you are in Rome in June and flowers are your passion, then I suggest you assisting Corpus Domini Infiorata in Bracciano.

Easily reachable from Rome by public transport, Bracciano hosts many festivals during summer, including Corpus Domini and Infiorata. 

This event is celebrated 60 days after Easter Sunday, on the Thursday (or Sunday),  after Trinity Sunday, since the 13th century.

It honors the mystery of the Eucharist instituted by Jesus during the Last Supper.

Every year, Bracciano’s discrict Rione Borgo organizes this event including a Flower Festival, the so called Infiorata.

Rome nearby event


Skilled artists and designers will realize famous paintings by using assorted flowers, creating colored carpets. This tradition was born in the 17th century as imitation of the world famous Vatican Mosaics.

In addition, special abilities are required to make such difficult works such as: hard selection and collection of petals, competence in drawing on the ground and patient in filling the painting. Watching artists when making their masterpieces also worth it, so do not miss this opportunity. Kids will sure appreciate it.


Along with Passion of Christ, Corpus Domini and Infiorata is one the most popular Bracciano’s events, appreciated not only by citizens but by tourists as well.

This ceremony has been organized with the sponsorship of Department of Cultural Policies, Economic Development and Tourism office, as well as different cultural associations.

This religious celebration extends over the city center streets, starting from Duomo di Santo Stefano church, and concluding at Chiesa del Divino Amore church.

It usually starts at 6.50 PM, and the path include: streets Collegiata and Umberto I,  1° Maggio square, Principe di Napoli street,  IV Novembre square, Trento street, Fausti street, and finally Negretti street.

This year, Corpus Domini and Infiorata will take place on Sunday, 18th June.

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Bracciano Easter, Passion of Christ

Easter, Good Friday in Bracciano celebrating the Passion of Christ

Are you organizing your Easter vacation in Italy, in Rome area?


Easter in Bracciano


Don’t miss the 42th edition of the Passion of Christ in Bracciano, on Good Friday, April 14th, Easter 2017.

Assisted by 50 technicians, the Passion of Christ is an intensive and really fascinating religious celebration, now involving about 150 people among interpreters and background actors.

It consists of a religious and historical performance featuring hand made stage costumes, all provided by Rione Monti, which is also the organizer of the event since its first edition, in 1976.

This event usually displaces in three different locations, starting from Piazza Sant’Antonio, in the Agraria University area, ending in Piazza Mazzini dominated by the castle. While along the city center streets you will see the The Trial of Jesus.

The ceremony usually takes two hours. All the entire audience will be surprised by the terrific audio-visual effects characterizing the event, especially in the last part, in the Odescalchi Castle area, where the Crucifixion takes place.

As this performance very important for all residents, actors and staff organization, inspired form their love for this town, do this for free.

Among the associations involved you will also find  the Company of the Castle, the Pisciarelli Committee and the ASD “The Horses of Lake Bracciano”.

In case of rain, the ceremony will be rescheduled to a later day.

Performance starts around 9 PM.


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