The “Rinascita del Feudo” (Fuedo Reinessance) is an important event which takes place every year, in Canale Monterano, an ancient village, a few kilometers from Lake Bracciano, North of Rome.

It is the most recent among the various traditions, celebrated and kept alive thanks to the several ones organized by the local associations.

The historical show will take place on Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 May 2018,  from 10.30 AM to 8 PM, in the Regional Natural Reserve, near the ancient fief of the ghost town of Monterano.

Feudo reinessance - eventi in Canale Momterano

If you are near Rome this weekend, then I suggest you plan a visit to this area.

 It is a real historical performance, visitors will feel like living in the Middle Ages. They will take part to sports activities such as archery, attend the historic fencing tournament, taste dishes typical of that era, as well as enjoy interesting guided tours.



There are areas for refreshment and rest, as well as areas for children who can have fun using the games that were used at that time, or take part to the laboratories dedicated to them.

During the event you can also attend the “race of the bigonzo”, wooden container (filled to weigh 45 kg), whose origin dates back to the ancient festivals related to the harvest.


The program includes:

  • Saturday 19th May

11:00 – Opening of the village
11:30 am – Workshops for children: A day for riders
16:00 – Proclamation of the games beginning and blessing of the rag
5.00 pm – Extraordinary edition of the Bigonzo Race
6.30pm – Music and dance with OSHO & THE DRUNKEN SAILORS
20:00 – Closure of the village
All day long: archery tournament


  • Sunday 20th May

10:30 am – Opening of the village
11:30 am – Chivalrous carousel: challenges on horseback
12:00 – Round table: the village of Monterano, identity characters and prospects for enhancement
4:00 pm – Knights’ name and historical procession
17:00 – II ° Contention of Cecio: Taking of the Tower
All day: scenic and armored tournament





Have a nice weekend and have fun!


Marta Brusoni

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