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Easter - Good Friday

Easter in Bracciano, Via Crucis celebrated in the historical city center

Are you in Italy, in Rome area,  during Easter Break?


Easter in Bracciano

Don’t miss the 44th edition of the Passion of Christ in Bracciano, on Good Friday, March 30th, Easter 2018.

Assisted by 50 technicians, the Passion of Christ is an intensive and really fascinating religious celebration, now involving about 150 people among interpreters and background actors.



It is a religious and historical performance featuring hand made stage costumes, all provided by Rione Monti, which is also the organizer of the event since its first edition, in 1976.

This event usually displaces in three different locations, starting from Piazza Sant’Antonio, in the Agraria University area, ending in Piazza Mazzini dominated by the castle. While along the city center streets you will see the The Trial of Jesus.

The ceremony usually takes two hours. All the entire audience will be surprised by the terrific audio-visual effects characterizing the event, especially in the last part, in the Odescalchi Castle area, where the Crucifixion takes place.

As this performance very important for all residents, actors and staff organization, inspired form their love for this town, do this for free.

Among the associations involved you will also find  the Company of the Castle, the Pisciarelli Committee and the ASD “The Horses of Lake Bracciano”.

In case of rain, the ceremony will be rescheduled to a later day.

Performance starts around 9 PM.


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